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Embryo Transfer Glos | Horse Breeding Surrey

Specialist Mare Reproduction

Based in the Berkshire area in an extremely accessible spot within 2 miles of J12 of the M4, we are perfectly located to offer equine breeding and mare embryo transplant services to the Berkshire (Berks), Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire (Wilts), Middlesex, Surrey, Hampshire (Hamps), Buckinghamshire (Bucks), Hertfordshire and other areas of England.

For mares within our catchment area, we are able to offer a fully mobile ambulatory service - saving you both the hassle of having to transport your mare, and also the stress to the mare during transport. Appointments can often be booked with only a couple of days notice, and we will try to accommodate requests for specific time slots as best we can. For the safety of our vet and staff, and your horse, we do ask that horses be adequately restrained in suitable surroundings when they are examined.

Hence with minimal effort and disturbance to yourself and your mare, we can easily start the process of breeding your future champion.

We offer a discount for groups of 4 mares or more when using the ambulatory service. Please contact us on 07917 865768 or just click here or simply use the "Get in touch" section on this page for further details.

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For mares outside our catchment area, our purpose designed facilities are entering their final period of construction, and we are optimistic that they will be fully functional soon. Once up and running, our specialist services will include specially designed laboratories, specialist embryo transfer (ET) and artificial insemination (AI) facilities and we intend to be DEFRA approved for import and export.