Equine AI: specialised horse reproduction

Stallions for fresh, chilled or frozen semen equine AI.

Having dealt with stallions across a wide range of disciplines we are well qualified to offer equine AI services to assist you with your stallion, and your horse breeding programme.

With far reaching equine contacts we are also able to offer equine AI advice regarding marketing of stallions, information to help with choice of stallions, and advertising in relevant areas.

Semen collection - we can offer on site semen collection on a dummy mare, and therefore give owners the option of fresh or chilled distribution of semen. We are also able to come and collect from your stallion at home - please contact us here if you would like more information about our equine AI services or simply enter your details in the ‘Get in touch’ section on this page.

Semen assessment - all semen collected is evaluated by highly trained staff in a specialist equine AI laboratory. This is to ensure that only the highest quality semen is inseminated or distributed, and to ensure that your stallion is in the best reproductive condition.

Infertility investigation - for those stallions who show poor reproductive traits, or appear to be infertile we are able to do a further work up and aim to discover in more detail the root of the problem.

Stallion training for collection - we are able to train your stallion to jump onto a dummy mare (the safest method of semen collection for equine AI) and get him used to being collected from.

Standing a stallion at stud - we offer full equine livery for stallions should you wish to stand your stallion in livery with us. All semen collection would be able to be performed on site and at short notice, should it be necessary.

Semen freezing - we are currently able to freeze semen for use in equine AI within the UK. Additionally, we are hoping to obtain DEFRA approval for our equine AI and ET facilities in the near future, and hence allow us to freeze semen for export.

Stallion handling - we are also able to offer home training visits for young or inexperienced stallions who need a guiding hand when learning to be bred from.

Please contact us if you would like more information on any of our equine AI stallion services. Contact us here, or call 07917 865 768.

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